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Lord knows I can change (blindmelon)

So, I wanted to drop back in and say that this blog has not been forgotten about. Slightly neglected, perhaps, but sometimes seeing my family (the presently sick Chad & the ever-energized PDukes) and getting some sleep before my daily 6am rise is top of my priorities. However, I've not been having a shortage of times to be a part of great happenings, just a shortage of time to write about them.

I'm working on done with a few backlogged reviews now, like the Life in Balance CD release party, Consider the Source with Complex Complex, and the Kerouac Fest 08 at Grand Midway Hotel.

With that said, I'd like to mention that soon (time permitting) I will be starting an MP3 archive in addition to the youtube video archive. These will be mostly live sets, and many of them will be whole sets. If anyone out in interweb-littlebox-land knows of a good way to separate huge MP3 files into smaller mp3 files, and would share this information with me, I would happily consider doing this extra work as well. In the meantime, it's full sets for y'all.

Some of what I have up on youtube includes: Uni and her Ukulele, the Gypsy Nomads, Agnes Wired for Sound, Midge Crickett, Between Liberties, me playing with fire... and will also soon include: Consider the Source, Ikonoklast, Complex Complex, Damien Youth, David J, Buddy Nutt, House of Assassins, Otantik, Armed Aria, and much more.

MP3 collection will include lots of the same and lots more. Stop back soon for more details, or subscribe to the feed for latest updates!

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