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That's right folks! I'm a singer too! OK so I'm sure most of you knew that, as I talk about performing a lot. But, I have a lot of fun singing with Between Liberties, and I want to share this experience with you!

As much as I could write all day about music, *nothing* can compare to the live experience. You can turn it into an essay, you can think about it, you can tell your friends. Again, *nothing* compares to the live experience. Even CD's, as amazing of an experience as they can be, they just can't beat a good old fashioned live show.

And, on a personal level, I must admit that I love the range of emotions being on stage can put you through. In the set we'll perform tomarrow, there's a distinct shift in our storytelling. Sure, there are at least a half-dozen new songs since the last show we played at Club Cafe, but it's the order you put them in too. With this said, I hope that everyone leaves with the enlightened and hopeful sense with which we are phrasing this set.

Club Cafe, 10pm. $7 at the door. Also featuring Zack Simmen and the Electric Lemonade Stand, with openers The Lost sea. See you there!

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