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Resevoir of Jazz

Working for the city is sweet. I get to do some heavy lifting for a while to build up those fire-twirling muscles. Then I get to introduce myself to artists, who sometimes already know who I am. Then I get to listen to music, and sometimes get asked to dance by swanky 60-year old swingin fellows. For a while, I might be free to, say, take a walk around the Highland Park resevoir. And after I'm done cleaning up the trash, and moping about someone stole my shoes (it's okay, karma comes around, they will regret it. those shoes had the stink!) - I get to go home and bask in the fact that I just got paid overtime to listen to music outside all day.

This all happened at Resevoir of Jazz, held at Highland Park. It was a beautiful day, with a stageful of excellent musicians. Dave Pellow, director of Jazz studies at CMU, lead the band on his upright bass. While I don't know a whole lot about Jazz, there were moments of pure musical beauty that I fully enjoyed... more on the band soon as I can remember the names of the players

Another pleasure was meeting Ethan, guitarist for Charles Wallace Trio, who also heads the Highland Park Community Council. Yet another good-hearted musician who is also invested in his community. Not a bad job he's got, either ;0) It gives me continued love for this city.

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