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Life in Balance CD Release

I am lightheaded, quite a bit disoriented and quieted. My thoughts are reeling, but are not speaking to me directly with words. Things make a very different kind of sense. I am woozy, the color has softened and faded from what I look at. I am sleeping on the job, or is it actually a day dream? Everything is vivid, but from a great distance. I am sober, but it certainly does not feel like it. Should I head off to the emergency room immediatly?

Of course not! I am at a Life in Balance concert, and having a damn good time experiencing the lesser-seen side of the spectrum.

The CD release for "Crystal Bowl Meditation" was at Your Inner Vagabond, and they opted to take meditation a bit deeper by offering - in fact calmly insisting - that participants (yes, all of their concerts are participatory, at least cerebrally) take the time during the show to get a good nap.

This "Sleep Concert" is certainly a novel concept. But Steven Scuilli is not a newbie to novel concepts. In this concert alone, he presented three beautifully strange concepts - Rustic Electric music, followed by a nap inside healing bowl resonances, with an electro-dance set after!

Steve is a musician in the purest right - someone who understands communication and communion, and can explain it to you with the language of sympathetic vibrations. "Oscillate, Activate" is among the few phrases he actually speaks during shows like this. With entirely electronic instruments - including a few moog processors and a some subtly analog elements, he creates the sense of the whole universe in the room.

Ami's beautiful crystal bowls add the perfect touch. The deep harmonies they create have a way of shifting the line of thought-sight into simultaneously healing and sentimental places. While she is on stage, Ami emits this serenity that can be felt throughout the room.

Slowpoke, a side project of Steve and Ami's which fuse their electro sound with Apalachian-inspired fiddle from Jan (of Devilish Merry). The group has not been playing together for so long - this was their first public appearance - but there was magic woven between the instruments. From what I've been told, Jan's backround is intirely in Appalacian music. However, the way she wove her bowed notes in with Steve's electronic sounds made it seem like they were simply playing one instrument - the music happened so organically.This is a truly special project.

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