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Not in a million years...

... would anyone I've ever known have guessed why my writing has been sparse this week.

Well, I now work for the government!

That's right, kids, your favorite dreadlocked, post-hippy, pyromaniacal, musician and general far-out chick is now employed by The Man. And, if you live in the city of Pittsburgh, well, you fill my paycheck with your own hard earned money. So thanks! ;0)

No, I'm not trying to be an ass, I'm just giving example number one of why this is an important position to me. See, I like most of the people I've come across in this city, and I would feel like a waste of human space if I was taking dollars out of pockets and *not* valuing this new position.

My official title is Recreation Leader, and I am employed by the Special Events department of the City of Pittsburgh's Parks and Recreation division. This means that I will often get to spend my days outside, you might occasionally see me cutting ribbons, counting runners at the point, and planting trees with the mayor; hopefully it also means that I will be applying my degree (art, particularly the focus in video editing, digital imaging, and installation) as well as my skills aquired since graduation (event coordinating, talent buying, booking, etc) and my love for writing to help this city in a quest to become visibly vibrant and culturally exuberant.

Basically, I'm gonna tie-dye the town.

OK... maybe just batik it... I am, as far as I can tell, the only person with locks employed by the city. It's kinda fun. I smile at everyone, and they all smile back, even better! It's actually pretty sweet so far, even though I've mostly been doing office gopher stuff. The echos in the hallways and bathrooms are great for whistling and singing. Score!

More to come, and fear not! Even though I don't have a single day off between now and October (as I'm still working with YIV, and starting the Pittsburgh Rennaisance Festival this weekend), I still plan on seeing lots of shows (like tonight's Armed Aria / Prime 8 show at Garfield Artworks) and writing here often. In fact, as the glutten for punishment that I am, I'm thinking about starting a Song-A-Day blog, where I write, you guessed 'er, a song per day for... a year, probably. I might also reserve my place in the insane asylum.


E said...

Pittsburgh's just gotten a whole lot better!


Thomas P. Davenport said...

I whole heartedly agree, and I miss you, Pittsburgh!

"Irrigators govern waters,
fletchers fashion arrowshafts.
As joiners shape their timber,
those who are wise tame themselves."
- Siddhartha Gautama

Anonymous said...

My long lost cousin has joined the establishment. Good for the establishment!John