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Kerouac Fest 2008 for entire album

As a short note, I must say that I've found no better place to perform than to a room of artists, writers, musicians and freaky-creative-types. It's like breathing, being able to feed from that flow. Everyone was excited to see what we had to offer, and Blair, Lord of the Grand Midway, gave us an extrordinary introduction. We hope to return to the haunted hotel and to Kerouac Fest in the future years to come!

I hear that Phat Man Dee and Jason Kirin both has fantastic sets on Friday night, and I was very well impressed by Damian Youth, David J, and other lovely poets, musicians, magicians and dancers. What a lovely congregation. The energies were intense.

Congratulations to Blair on his future father status, and thanks to everyone who supports the communities they are a part of. There is no other way to continue forward.

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