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Buddy Nutt & Ukelizzy at the Children's Museum

What is the best meat to put in a day-sandwich, stuffed between slices of pouring-rain-on-a-bike and paying-a-sh*tton-of-loochie-to-get-your-license-reinstated? Ukelizzy and Buddy Nutt performing at the Children's Museum!

What an awesome backdrop for Buddy and Lizzy - less the kids, and more their parents who were totally engrossed. There was an explosion of kid-cheers from the side of the stage which got Lizzy to stop in the middle of the song, saying "I could've just kept going, but I wanted to hear that one through". And Buddy performed some of his more experimental songs, slightly reminiscent of the first Globalista Jam, which were perhaps more appropriate for kids, employing birdcall, saw and slide-whistle just slightly more than the delicious witty satire we've come to expect.

As usual, I hope to see much more from this delightful duo! Buddy performs this weekend at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern with House of Assassins and the Gothees

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