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WWWWWhy: July 21st - 27th

If you're looking for things to do this week, feel free to join me...

W/W/W/W: SIC ALPS, Centepede E'est, Harangue, and Dean Cercone
Tuesday, July 22nd @ Garfield Artworks
Why? I've been told I need to check out Centepede E'est, a local experimental rock group making thick and solid glass-like waves on the underground scene. And because, as you may well know, the most strangely beautiful things come out of concerts at the GA.

W/W/W/W/: Buddy Nutt & Ukelizzy at the Children's Museum - Lunchtime Show

W/W/W/W: Sound and Vision: A Night With Barry McGee, Japanther, and PAPER RAD
Thurs., July 24, 8:30 p.m.: Discussion; 9:30 p.m.: Concert
Sculpture Court (rain location: Carnegie Music Hall)

((Curator Douglas Fogle teams up with Carnegie International artist Barry McGee for a conversation about his work and about artists’ responses to the phrase “life on Mars.” ))
Why? Centepede E'est is performing (See above). Also, artists talk!, seeing a concert at the CMoA, and an international exhibit bound to impress your inner rock star.

W/W/W/W/: Encyclopedia Destructica:: Release Party & Open Studio ~~ 156 41st Street, Lawrenceville
Friday, July 25th at 7:30 pm
Why? These are the same people who brought you "Wolfman's Got Nards! A compendium of New American Monsters". Also recommended if you like reading 'zines whose names are difficult to pronounce, and even more amusing to define.

W/W/W/W: Documentaries & Discussion at Your Inner Vagabond, July 25th: King Corn, The High-Price of Low-Cost; This Film is Not Yet Rated
Why? Showing your disgust with Wal-Mart by only shopping there at Christmas (maybe just a few other times a year)? The ghosts at Dixmont have been staging their own, more successful, rebellions.... And because my boyfriend owns a cornfield.

W/W/W/W/: Intro to Dragon Boating @ the Fox Chapel Yacht Club, 10am on Saturday, July 26th
Why? When else are you going to go Dragon Boating?

W/W/W/W/: House of Assassins, Buddy Nutt and the Gothees
WHY? House of Assassins, Buddy Nutt (and the Gothees)

W/W/W/W/: Blueberry Pie Hike with Venture Outdoors: Sun Jul 27: 3PM
Why? (insert any excuse for eating blueberry pie here)

W/W/W/W/: Blues Fest @ Hartwood Acres

Monday and Wednesday, Between Liberties will be in the studio recording a few extra tracks for our first little album due out in September. Stop by our myspace page to send your love!

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