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WYEP Third Thursdays with the Harlan Twins

Mix a few parts country twang, a spattering of hipster appeal and mix it in a pot of neo-soul-jam-rock and you've got the alternative rock group known to Pittsburgh as The Harlan Twins.

There's a humble demeanor in the band's performances. No one seems to be the main lead, as the two lead vocalists have this cute shyness to them as they drink their beer too fast and talk about their bangs between songs. But the sound is far from something you'd expect from a wallflower group - it is loud, gritty, in-your-face rock-dance-party music.

I'm always impressed with the caliber of music at WYEP's events, and these third-thursdays are no exception. There's always a nice balance of empty-next couples looking to get back into the live music scenes now that their kids have flown the coop, young and hip college-aged trendsetters who are interested in this month's radio station favorite, and people of all walks of life who are interested in a good - free - thursday night event.

As is typical with my experience with the scenesters around, I'm disappointed with the lack of dancing to this very danceable band. What does it take to get people dancing these days? I guess cocaine made for a better party drug than vicodin, though neither really seem appropriate for such a pristine and welcoming venue as the WYEP live studio room. I would eat off the floors, if prompted (and perhaps on an entirely different kind of party drug), but it isn't uncomfortable at all. All the volunteers are great, the hosts are welcoming, and it's nice to see that many of the WYEP staff are present at these events. It shows a degree of pride in something that is truly a wonderful series.

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