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Nick Ragheb with Lucas Legetti and Elie Kihonia at Wood Street Gallery

I had the pleasure of seeing my old friend Nick Ragheb perform alongside two master instrumentalists this past friday. Elie Kihonia of Afrika Yetu came in shortly after this clip during set 2. Lukas Ligetti was the touring performer in this set. The three of them had never set foot on a stage together, and practiced for maybe 20 minutes prior to the show. A true testament for the talent each of these men has, the show was a great escapade through the possibilities in percussive music.

At times, they would fall together in these ecstatic moments, rhythm pulsing through each of their instruments as if they'd been playing together for years. And even as these grooves fell apart, it seemed purposeful and directed, a zen-like grasp-release cycle.

Nick is teaching classes at his home in Lawrenceville on Sunday afternoons.

Nick's friend Hakan from Turkey ain't bad either:

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