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Merhaba! From the Ren Fest...

Whether you don't know what the "Ren" in "Ren Fest" stands for, or you critique our shoes for not being period, there's a party for everyone up in the Laurel Highlands. There are excellent live entertainment for free all day, including jousting competitions, fire breathing, magicians, comedy, musical acts and bellydance.

For the past few weekends, I've been in a stage show called "The Sisters of Ameretat", which we did not name, nor did we write the description, however it has been an awesomely fun experience, and I encourage all of you to attend! This upcoming weekend is the last that I'll be a part of it, unfortunatly, so come out while I'm around if you can. The last two weekends will have a drummer fill in -perhaps Temujin "Papa" the Storyteller? I will be owned by the city, attending to the Junior and Great Races.

I've also enjoyed wandering the streets as a roving bellydancer, and have danced for a bagpipist (sp?), a cellist, a classical guitarist, and many others. There are excellent vendors who paint henna, sell walking sticks, give live glassblowing demonstrations, and cook turkey legs. You can dress up in a rented costume or purchase corsets and weaponry from around the town. Let your inner history dork shine! Or, get drunk at the pub! The day is yours to create, and I'll be there for one more week to help you have a wonderful time.

Sunflower Photography, Pester the Jester, and several others have taken some great footage of the past few weekends. The video at the top of the page was of the closing gate cerermony, and has been the most fun and carefree time of the festival for the cast members. Here are some other great links:
Sunflower Photography:
Pester on Youtube:
Feather Photography:
Feel free to add or post more here!

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