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Things you'll find at the New American Music Union, aside from Dylan et all

this CD!
This is a demo version of Between Liberties' demo that you can find all day at the NAMU. And aw, after I finished burning all the discs, I realized the changes I had made to Chad's original design. There are now 4 tracks on a CD titled 3-song demonstration. Oh well, just add it to the pile of "proof she's only human".

Also check out some great college bands, Bob Dylan & Band, the Raconteurs, Gnarles Barkley and the abounding hipster apparel.

Though intending to stay for the entire set last night, I decided it was more important to go home and prepare for tomorrow. Also because the few bands I did catch were mediocre, I wasn't so interested in the Black Keys and I'd seen the Roots before. I was a bit disappointed to miss the Key Party CD release party. Hope it was a blast, y'all! I did, however, stumble upon a Free Ride party, where my friend Karen played in a band that would better have been named the Hot Metal Brass Band. Quell Surprise!

Today's activities begin at 11am and continue until just before 11pm. This flier, which you may see along the streets or in a stack in my hand, was beautifully designed by Chad Hammitt.
and, last one, a cool picture of me spinning fire during Elise's Playground's Wig Ball

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