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Cardworks Recycles!

I take this moment here to talk about something non-music related. Don't hate me, instead, love me!
When I worked at Cardworks, there were 6 pop machines and no recycling bins. With the help of several associates and a few helpful managers, we began researching to implement a plan of action for how to save these plastic bottles from adding to landfills.

I left the company before it was ever implemented. However, I received an email today:

Please forward to your associates:

Safco 20-Gallon Tall Round Recycling Receptacle For Cans

As you may have already noticed, we have place 4 Recycle Bins throughout the office. They are located at the time clocks in both Collections and Recoveries, near the water cooler in Customer Service and in the Lunchroom.

The only items that should be placed in these bins are cans and bottles. Thanks

YAAAAAAAAY Go Cardworks!

That is all. Remember, as Ghandi said: "Be the changes you wish to see in the world"

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