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San Fransicso knows where Pittsburgh is on a map!

So far, this blog is pretty much just about things seen in-the-flesh in this city, but having just been turned on to Girl Talk, a crazy mix-and-match sampling musician from Pittsburgh, I happen to stumble across a blog from a Pittsburgh-bred Friscan. In the interview, the two discuss the scene here in the burgh, with an eye not unlike my own...

A: Was the Pittsburgh scene—what do you think of the Pittsburgh scene, basically?

GT: Right now?

A: Yeah.

GT: I think it’s great. I’m not part of any scene, necessarily, but I’m friends with a lot of bands and there aren’t other people that sound like me in the area. You know what I mean? There’s plenty of other electronic acts and plenty of other weird bands; there’s plenty of DJs, but there’s not a crew doing this sort of thing, which, I think is good and bad. I think it’s healthy to have your own world to be in. And that’s the best thing, I think, about Pittsburgh: there’s a whole bunch of weird and great bands here, but no one sounds like anyone else. It’s easy to start a band and no even worry if you’re crampin’ anyone else’s style. Yeah, I think it’s really good right now. There are a bunch of bands making a dent a national level like Zombi, and Grand Buffet, and Modey Lemon, and Wiz Khalifa. Those are, like, rap groups and bluesy garage bands and psychedelic bands. It’s all over the map and everyone’s kind of doing their thing and everyone’s kind of friends with each other, but no one necessarily—there’s not too camaraderie as far as—people support each other but it’s not like there are too many Pittsburgh-based tours or anything. The bands individually are all doing their own thing and it’s cool: my next upcoming Pittsburgh show, I’m playing with a whole bunch of random acts and they’re all different genres and are all my friends, all doing pretty cool things with their bands...

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