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The Gypsy Nomads

Another lovely band to grace the stage at Your Inner Vagabond. This kind and artistic duo was a pleasure to watch, not only because their stage presence and songs were exquisite, but also as an inspiration to expand my percussion on stage during solo shows.

French-born nomad Samantha was a beautiful singer, dancer, and percussionist. She passed out shakers and tambourines during one song (which the audience played and even ended on cue - amazing!). She spoke only french during their second set.

Scott not only played guitar, percussion and looped (and sang on a few songs), he also designed the beautifully sensual and psychadelic artwork which graced their merch table (some of which I have hanging on my wall at the moment). Lovely poses of bodies turning into trees which then grow fingers.

Love it!

We recorded their set with our Zoom H3 and a video camera, and will get some of that goodness up. In the meantime, please enjoy this clip:

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