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you can't beg peace

& with that, an initial thought for the evening: Perhaps there is a place for the jerks in your day. The title of this blog is from a man we'd perhaps rather not encountered, the evening would have been clear of bad encounters of the human kind. However, you learn a little bit about how to be a better person, how to lead a life you can stand behind in the morning.

It's nearly 4am (and I haven't been online at 4am since college, I think). The last time I kept a blog, it was for the same purpose, in a sense. Writing is a good way to help sort things out in your head, and when it's in a public forum, it has to be honest or well written to get your point across. I often err on the side of creative writing, letting the feeling of the words tell as much as the story they hold. Ultimately, it is best for working things out, for expressing emotions and feeling the resonance. Getting beneath the skin. Hopefully thinking, sharing, understanding. What better lovers than words and human understanding?

What I didn't quite grasp at the time was how much the things I was trying to understand directly effected what I saw next. Perception is reality. How much more related could all these things be? Each step of understanding does that though, pushing closer the similar things. Different layers of light, but the same source, eventually. The speed of the vibration.

So, if I can dedicate this first blog in a new era of my blogging - it will be towards trying to dig deeper into these things that I want to spend my life digging into. Anger breeds deeper hate, pain induces suffering. Even under the guise of eventual improvement, building with the negative never could create the positive. Perhaps I will find my way of writing on music, art, good people, things that remind me of the beauty in humanity, the EARTH and all the different ways to interact with the natural world, the ways that the human world dances with the natural world. Wires, math, science, psychology, memory. Life and Death. Gods and Demons. Not negative or positive, but at least, to some vantage point, very real.

It starts so close to home. The things we love. Bang! So big or small, visible and invisible. Again, the speed of the vibration.

Initially, it would have started with a review of a band who performed at Club Cafe not so many weeks ago - Consider the Source. On a Wednesday night, the last day of their tour, they roughed it in Pittsburgh before returning to the belly of the beast in NYC. With all honesty: I see music several nights a week, some excellent bands both locally gigging and internationally touring. Few have stuck with me like this band. While their disk is an excellent display of talents in the songwriting and instrumentalist areas of musicianship (as well as a fine example of a well-produced, good sounding disk) - seeing them live was something that I suggest everyone do in their lives.

Other performing artists I have said this about include Radiohead, Tool, Buddy Nutt, Zafira Dance Company, The Who, Pilobolus, and Michael Franti / Spearhead. Not playing their music or doing a dance, these artists are exploring themselves, sharing their perception of the world, and growing with an infinitely-expandable fan base. They are forces in the universe that are meant to shape future generations, regardless of their own short time. We have the opportunity, if we choose, to share the experience with them.

Still feeling as though I exist outside of Metamorphose, beautiful gazes and dancing being directed towards the music. Knowing that I would be happy to spend my life on stage, participating in nights that hold these encounters, creating this music that is beyond us always. Thinking of my lovely band, (their beautiful other-halves) and the individuals that each of them are. How different could three people get while there is a core so similar, built upon the same foundation? We breathe this music, it goes beyond "hobby" or "job", it is a necessity. All of us can recognize it. We cannot stop creating the music, at the sake of three individual views of what should come next for "me". At times, we share the same methods for falling out of focus, but it only builds these muscles, it only expands our notion of living. And what else is the music but a reflection of this?

I look forward to doing it again tomorrow, an afternoon concert outside the ELP Church with the gyroscope and the maze. It couldn't help but be a beautiful afternoon. Art Cubed begins without a hitch, from this angle.

Thinking of Helen, after a conversation that could just never be long enough. Also Alexi and Erik, two of my main inspirations to keep writing, and for what different of reasons. And to all the people who I feel this will lead itself to; those who love their home, this idiosyncratic angle, complex-simplicity: I think of you always.

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